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Why choosing Boston Brokers is a wise choice.

Hiring a Real Estate “professional” to handle your property sale or purchase can be a tough choice to make.  Like choosing between Xbox or PS2, public or private school for your child or facebook or instagram to make posts.  Sometimes there are too many choices.  In any case you don’t want to find out too late that you made the wrong choice. 

One of the common questions is: Is bigger better?  Today with the internet dominating real estate search, large firms have no advantage in marketing and are often less able to provide the personal attention we give to our clients.  Also because there are so many agents with so many opinions it can be confusing as to pricing and values. 

We look objectively and then we take a step back in our process for identifying the strengths and then we feature and highlight them in our marketing.  For our buyers, we peel away the facade to look deep and uncover the issues and short-cuts that may haunt and cost a new owner for years to come.

Boston Brokers takes the time to create a plan, discuss, review and get it approved with our clients and then we work it. 

Try us! Refer us! Let us help!

I commit to each client assuring the BEST results available.

William Carey – principal

Along history of experience with a detailed approach to preparation along with a client first commitment gives Boston Brokers the advantage when choosing.  With a network of mortgage pros, lawyers and architects, plus contractors. plumbers and even that garage door guy, BB can get you moving in or moving out in no time.  My goal is to provide the best experience while delivering the best results.  I have been on both sides of hundreds of transactions the skills honed through these direct experiences provide a better partner for you in what may become an evermore complicated transaction.  My experience and skills combined with the other members on the team, offers a faster ready-to-market launch.

As our client you will have our full focus and attention.  We will provide day to day steps and updates and prepare you for the sale or purchase of your property.  Never a dull moment as there are always unique and important considerations to be uncovered in any property.  We are all about helping our buyers to get the best value possible without overpaying and without missing the opportunity and losing the deal to a competing bidder. 

Helping our listing clients by maximizing their property’s visibility to reach the most qualified and interested buyers as quickly and efficiently as possible and preparing the property for showing in a way that amplifies what’s best while minimizing what may be some shortcomings.  

I have been a Massachusetts licensed Real Estate Broker for over 30 years – call today and see what a difference experience makes.

We are the Real Estate Authority • Listing with us is advised

Best Real Estate Services

At Boston Brokers we pride ourselves on our diverse resources, including residential and commercial properties. We believe that building strong client relationships is incredibly important and we work closely with our clients to engender complete trust.  We see diversity as our strength. Our team has a great wealth of experience and know that, despite the complexity of the market, uniqueness of the property, we will bring clarity of it to our client.

Your Realtor

The Boston Buyer Broker assists buyers, sellers and landlords. We offer staging and professional photography services as well as state of the art marketing

Additional Services

Looking for land or rehab properties? Let us help with all aspects including financing, architects and excavation services. AND MUCH MORE!

First Time Buyers

We are with you throughout the process answering your questions and concerns while providing advice and guidance.  Our persistence in preparing for the purchasing assures the best property for your budget.

Never go it alone!


Market Analysis

Calculate your mortgage

Buyers – need to know the market! Sales prices, safe neighborhoods, school ratings, commuter access, tax rates, community services, etc.

Sellers – need to know the market! What have homes in my neighborhood sold for? Did the have comparable square footages, beds & baths, acreage, age built, renovations? What is my home worth based on today’s sales? Is my home zoned for alternate use? What about septic updates?

Rehab – need to know the market! How do I figure my after rehab value? How do I figure my construction & holding costs? What should my time frame be? How do I find properties?

Developers – need to know the market! What are the zoning laws? Taxes? New home sales in the area? Upcoming community or market changes that may affect my property?

Conservation issues?

Investors – need to know the market! Can I upgrade or expand this property? Does the neighborhood promote growth & expanding equity based on my goals? What is cap rate and how does it affect the price?

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